Dual modality

Course guides 2021/2022


Morning group: Jordi Coiduras Rodríguez
Office: 2.41
Attending hours: Tuesday from 8.30am to 10am and from 3.30pm to 5pm

Evening group: Cristina Petreñas Caballero
Office: 1.22

What does that mean to study in Dual modality?

It's a modality of learning that combines, from the beginning, two formative scenes: a School of Primary Education and the Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Work. The student is an apprentice in a professional environment where the profession is exercised and is prepared in direct contact with the students and the teachers of the educational center.

What are the benefits of studying in Dual modality?

  • Combining theory and practice from the beginning of the studies
  • Encouraging the integration of the learning realized in both formative scenes
  • Improving the professional skills needed to exercise as a teacher
  • Verifying whether the profession and the formation is the most adapted to the person
  • Promoting access to labour market upon training completion

What commitments does it involve?

  • Integration to the life of the school from the beginning of the studies, adopting the double role of student and apprentice
  • Regular obliged assistance, both in the School and in the Faculty
  • Following the whole plan during the four academic years


240 ECTS (60 for academic year)

  • Theoretical credits to be done at the faculty.
  • Practical training to be done at the school.
  • Subject of integration in every academic year for relating the learnings realized in both contexts.

Work rate

Monday, Tuesday and Wednsday at the Faculty
Thursday and Friday at the school

Provision of schools

The assignment of school allows to the student to know the diversity of educational areas, urban and rural, and different educational projects throughout four years of formation of the degree.
These schools are relating in its commitment with the teachers' formation and stand out for its educational projects.


Every student of the degree in primary education in the dual modality has a tutor in the faculty and a tutor in the school throughout the whole course.